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TechFocus Member Spotlight Podcast

Jun 6, 2023

Dr. David B. Bolman, Provost

UAT Provost Bolman has focused his career upon addressing the profound need within Arizona and the nation for a substantial and diverse creative class workforce. As its long standing provost, Dr. Bolman has built the University of Advancing Technology (UAT) into a unique all-STEM institution that marries the best of traditional small private college learning with the genetics of innovation that come with agile technology organizations. As an educator, he has focused on cultivating a base of technology students and future inventors who are as diverse as the people who ultimately use their creations. As a technologist, he has worked to create a university where the culture of innovation and creation is so regular and celebrated that the goal for each student is to graduate having routinely worked on numerous teams and built again and again complete solutions using the technologies that excites their imagination. As a speaker and advocate on how to advance Arizona through advancing technology while growing the needed STEM workforce, Dr. Bolman has presented to wide range of audiences including the AZ House Committee on Technology, Arizona Leadership Forums, Cybersecurity conferences, VR for Good conference and the Arizona Science Center. As an advocate for Arizona as a remarkable state where innovation is encouraged in all spaces, including education, Dr. Bolman has grown UAT from a single classroom of 13 students into a STEM private college campus that is unique not only to Arizona but also the country. UAT and its community are dedicated to advancing society through students who learn the tools, techniques, concepts, and responsibilities of applying technology in ways that lift up human society. Dr. Bolman has researched, written, and spoken on the nature of technology as a foundational human force and how to successfully lead innovation. He is an alumni Valley Leadership and currently serves as its Past Board Chair. He serves on the Board of Directors for the Arizona Technology Council. He is an alumni of the FBI Citizens Academy and serves on the AZPBS community board.