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TechFocus Member Spotlight Podcast

Jun 9, 2021

Elizabeth began her career at Symmetry Software in 2012 as the sole Marketing Director and, over the past five years, as the Chief Strategy Officer. Since joining the company, Elizabeth has spearheaded major strategy and technology shifts across its software products and services portfolio. During her most recent tenure as CSO, Elizabeth led the company to its most rapid growth in new business and product development. In 2020, Symmetry launched an API of its popular Symmetry Payroll Forms application, developed new endpoints for its flagship Symmetry Tax Engine Web API, and enhanced its own small business payroll product, PaycheckCity Payroll. All the while broadening its tax research and support teams and onboarding a record number of new employees and clients, all remotely. A unique characteristic that sets Elizabeth apart is that she intimately knows and understands Symmetry Software after having "grown up" with the company as the daughter of Symmetry Software's founder Tom Reahard. This life-long study of the industry, customers, and products, along with her business acumen and finance background, has led her to achieve significant success at Symmetry. Elizabeth's passion and purpose is helping millions of people get accurate paycheck calculations. From tiny businesses using the calculators on to large enterprises hiring thousands of employees each day, Elizabeth's tenure as CEO will continue to keep Symmetry's clients and partners at the company's heart.

Symmetry's fully integrated suite of payroll tax APIs and software tools allows companies to ensure that employee and employer taxes are correctly calculated and managed. In other words, deliver "the right taxes the first time." With payroll integrations that range from electronic withholding forms to federal, state and local tax lookup tools, we make our customer's processes more regulatory compliant, automated, efficient, and error-free. While we do not process payroll, we do the most difficult parts of the payroll process, and payroll and HR service providers and large employers license our payroll APIs and software tools to improve their products and compliance. Contact us to see how payroll tax withholding software can make a huge impact when you are using the right tools.