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TechFocus Member Spotlight Podcast

Mar 14, 2023

JobPath, Inc. is a non-profit organization focused on providing financial and socio-emotional support to adults pursuing a short-term posts secondary degree or credential in a high demand industry. For over 25 years, Ana has been an advocate for economic development initiatives that empower individuals to reach their potential. Her passion for education led her to her current role as CEO of JobPath, a non-profit that provides financial and socio-emotional support to adults pursuing short term training in high demand industries. She leads a talented team of coaches and staff supporting close to 700 students in industrial trades, information technology, and healthcare career pathways. Prior to JobPath, Ana was a part of Pima Community College’s Workforce Development Division where she built relationships between the College and regional business and industry stakeholders. Her work included following regional economic development trends and government policy initiatives to inform academic program development. Ana’s past work also includes founding and leading Varela Consulting, which assisted governments, universities, public and private institutions around the world, in developing programs and policies to support entrepreneurship. Ana holds a Doctorate in Education from Johns Hopkins University with a specialization in Entrepreneurial Leadership in Education, a Masters Degree in Public Policy and Management from Carnegie Mellon University, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Arizona.